The Imbali Foundation
The IMBALI FOUNDATION is an inter-denominational organization that cares for the homeless, unemployed and abused woman and small children.

With the assistance of your donations, we provide shelter, food and clothing to people in need. We strive to integrate people back into the local community at the appropriate time. IMBALI FOUNDATION employs a policy of strong spiritual upliftment to each individual and we strive to restore a sense of personal well-being.

We are fortunate to be able to offer the following donation of food and clothing to residents at informal settlements. We would accept any type of donation regardless of shape or form, but our most urgent priority in our development process is;

We at IMBALI FOUNDATION appeal to your heart to assist US with sponsorship for the babies children and woman we care for. The cost of a sponsorship is R2100,00, which will sustain a child for a period of one month. This amount covers the feeding, clothing, housing, security, medical cost and education of a child, creating a stimulating, empowering, nurturing and uplifting environment for them. (A Budget expense report is available on request).

Any sponsorship(s) made to the IMBALI FOUNDATION is tax deductible as we attain a section 18A TAX EXEMPTION certificate from SARS.

Please DONATE today to help someone in need.

Thank you, in His service GOD BLESS

083-338-3365 OR 072-893-3449